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Multi-room Audio Video

Multi-room Audio

If music is good for the soul, then why not listen to your favourite playlist or radio station wherever you are. Chilling in the Lounge, taking a bath or working on the factory floor. Smart Control Engineers can supply and install Domestic and Commercial Multi-room audio systems to any number of rooms. All controlled by your mobile phone via the easy to use and intuitive Bluos Platform.

For our Commercial customers we offer the latest in Audio and Tannoy technology. IP Based systems that use your existing networks making installation easier and quicker so you can be up and running in no time.

Many of our customers also enjoy our outdoor audio solutions, professionally installed IP rated speakers and subwoofers driven using our high quality amplifiers can really add a wow factor to your property.

Multi-room Video

Sky Boxes, Apple TV, Blu ray Players, Amplifiers, wires everywhere. It can be a nightmare managing and controlling all these different devices each with there own remote, not to mention the endless wiring just to get them all to work. Why not let the professionals help, we can provide multi-room systems that can allow you to store all your source equipment centrally out of site leaving only your tv showing neatly on your wall. And with multi-room video you can watch anything in any room reducing the amount of source equipment required in the first place. Talk to Smart Control and Engineers and let us free your walls from unnecessary clutter.