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Hotel Management Solutions

Hotel Management Solutions

Be in control of your full guest experience. Why should you be the only one to greet them, why not let the room do a lot of the talking with a fully automated guest experience. Lets look at a day in the life of a Smart hotel guest
Day in the life of a Smart Hotel Guest.

1. Room is Booked using their Smart phone.

2. Virtual Key Card to room is sent to them automatically with timed access for their stay.

3. On Day of arrival room heating is put on standby.

4. Guest is provided with room controls for TV, Lights and Heating via mobile phone.

5. Guest Arrives and accesses room immediately using virtual access card.

6. Upon entering room, Lighting scene is activated, blinds are opened.

7. Heating is Brought to Comfort Levels.

8. Presence is detected and room is marked as occupied on central reservation screen.

9. Guest is Greeted in their native language on room control screen.


10. Voice controlled Audio Assistant is Available to ask any questions such as how to setup wifi or local points of interest.

11. Clean Room and Do not disturb can me informed directly to service staff for convenience.

12. Heating is limited to prevent abuse and automatically reduced based on occupancy to save energy.

13. Upon leaving the room, lights are turned off as well as Appliances to reduce energy usage.

14. Upon departure Room is marked as unoccupied so room can be cleaned for next guest.

The energy saving gained from a hotel management solution can offset the cost of installation in just a few years so get in touch with Smart Control Engineers for reliable smart controls for your business.