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Access Control

Access Control

An Electronic Access Control Solution is a massive improvement over traditional locks and keys for securing your building, access can be granted and denied at a click of a button without need to change locks if keys are lost or stolen.

Access Control Systems can provide valuable information which can be integrated into other systems such as Time and Attendance, Fire Roll Call, Building Management systems and hotel check in Software to name just a few examples. With the addition of one of our KNX systems it is also possible to control the Environment and Lighting of the room upon access being granted to a room.

Smart Control Engineers has years of experience in providing access control solutions from single door access systems right through to large sites with 100’s of doors. We are specialists in various technologies including networked based systems, biometrics, proximity and mobile phone access solutions. We also supply all types of audio/video intercom systems to meet any requirement.

We work with various suppliers including Paxton, Suprema, Ievo and Hikvision. So, whatever your requirements are we are sure we can find a solution to fit your requirements.