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Lighting Control Systems

Lighting Control Systems

Create a wow factor, save energy and improve wellbeing by installing an Intelligent lighting control system from Smart Control Engineers.

Control all your lights from a single button, set a scene, detect occupancy, put timers on your lights and more with a Smart Lighting System. And if you don’t like the way it works, once installed It can be reprogrammed as many times as you need to suit you.

Unlike other Lighting Control Systems, a system from Smart Control Engineers has options for 100’s of keypads with 100’s of finishes allowing you to discretely integrate them into your project and make them completely bespoke to your design requirements. In addition to lights, heating and other controls can be integrated into the same keypad to reduce wall acne.

Smart Controls are proficient in all lighting technologies such as, DALI, 0-10V, Emergency Lighting, Mains Dimmable, LED, CV and CC Lighting, Casambi and others providing you with the very best solutions for your property.

For our Commercial Customers we can provide fully bespoke solutions with Integrated BMS dashboards for Lighting Status feedback, automated Emergency Light Testing and Reporting as well as occupancy, Lux Level Management and energy monitoring.

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