Our Work

Ripon Property

At a property in Ripon we installed a True Unified Lighting and HVAC solution using the KNX Platform. The customer required an energy efficient solution that was easy to use, reliable and had the ability to control each room from a single in wall keypad.

Complex requirements including a commercial level plant room, weather compensation and boiler modulation requirements were all part of the brief, as well as Air Conditioning throughout presented a considerable challenge.

Using a combination of KNX Controls in addition to our bespoke control panels we were able to meet the challenge and provide a truly bespoke solution while ensuring all safety requirements were met.


Direct control over all Valves, Pumps, Boilers, Manifolds, Water Temperatures and monitoring of there fault statuses allowed us to provide a reliability of control that is just not possible with third party interfaces and software.

Dali Lighting control was used throughout which reduced required panel space to about 30% of equivalent circuit control using traditional mains dim as well as multi channel drivers to power 26 circuits of low voltage lighting externally.

To top it off, a multi-room audio system including a surround sound system and external audio system, again all unified into a single interface.

Special Mention to Black Nova for there amazing keypads, ABB and Zennio for there control equipment and Paul at My KNX Store for his ongoing support, as well as VMEC LIMITED for their first class mechanical installation.